Virtual Data Room

Virtual data room

You are different. Your data room site should be too.
Custom fit and fully branded data rooms built in less than one day.

idrShare is a developer of custom built-to-suit virtual data room solutions for banks, financial advisors and corporations, who need to access and share confidential documents and data with confidence to cooperate successfully on business deals.

idrShare hosts and supports customized virtual data rooms for a variety of high-quality clients, including oil and gas companies, investment banks, energy A&D firms, private equity firms, and commercial banks.


Custom and branded data room sites built to fit your business.

idrShare Virtual Data Rooms are custom tailored to each client’s specific needs – unique branding, site layout, color theme and more.  And best of all, no programming is required – the data room administrator customizes their sites however they prefer.

More than just a data room, idrShare Virtual Data Rooms provide numerous powerful features and tools for secure workflow and collaboration.

Customizable and secure idrShare virtual data rooms enable you to:

Operate in a secure data room environment uniquely branded and tailor-made to your specific requirements

Focus on and successfully complete business transactions and objectives without distraction and interruption

Enjoy a workflow solution that can be entirely self-designed and managed using industry-standard software and tools

Obtain highly experienced, knowledgeable and responsive support as needs arise

Key Site Features

Our customizable features include:

Password configuration

Bulk file download

Forgot password

Dataroom overview page layout

Announcements list

Q&A lists


Document metadata headings

Contact page layout

First time login customized site user agreement

User email alerts on or off

User permissions

Two-Factor Authentication

Document library index of folders and documents

Pre-zipped folder download

User activity reports showing data room client logo

Get your own fully customized and uniquely designed site in a few hours.

A process that would normally take months to build and require a large capital investment.

You receive the most customized and supportive virtual data room environment possible, one that is supported vigorously with passion, along with flexible pricing tailored to your particular situation.

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