Data Room Pricing

virtual data room set up fees, virtual data room pricingLicensing Agreements are Matched to Your Budget and Your Data Room Needs

Provide us your requirements and we will structure a pricing model that fits your or your client’s budgets. Whether you prefer a monthly term, a fixed project fee, or a combination of both, we can accommodate. If your project is a billion dollar oil and gas divestment or $5 million dollar acquisition, we work with you to agree on custom terms that provide fair compensation and return on investment.

No Per Page Charges and Post Project Add-on Fees

You have more important virtual data room tasks than to count pages. Most online data room vendors charge this way. idrShare wants you to bulk upload 1,000 pages, or 5, 000 pages or whatever you need to share and not have to worry about impact on budget.

Unlike our competitors, who typically charge:

    • Separately for everything
    • When a data room is not active or unused
    • As soon as the site is set up, before marketing of deals begins
    • By the page – time-wasting minutia and extra costs our clients don’t have to worry about.
No End of Project Surprise Invoices

With idrShare, you always know exactly what your service billing will be. After set up, we move the data room into an “inactive” state, until actual data room usage for deal-making and marketing begins; i.e., you don’t pay until third-party users are invited to join the data room and deal-making commences.

We aren’t aware of anyone in the data room provider market who provides both tailored pricing and our no-nonsense, fixed-price approach to billing.

Free Virtual Data Room Set-up for Sellers

We even let you design your data room template and upload data  before you go live and invite 3rd parties to log-in. We don’t think we should charge you until you start your marketing process

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