VDR Technology Overview

Data Room Technology Overview and Block Diagram

idrShare combines state-of-the-art technologies from major vendors like Microsoft and Rackspace, with proprietary virtual data room technology, shown and discussed below.

idrShare Virtual Data Rooms, virtual data room servers technology

As shown in the above architecture diagram, the entire idrShare system infrastructure is housed within dedicated server within a Rackspace Tier II SAS 70 certified datacenter, which is located in the United States in Chicago, Illinois.

Rackspace provides physical, operational and system security, as well as high-speed Internet cloud access through a secure firewall configuration.

We use Microsoft’s proven IIS web server technology on the front-end, providing high-performance caching and application execution.  Microsoft SharePoint provides a robust, reliable foundation for data room structure, site creation, customization, administration and reporting.

On top of SharePoint, idrShare adds its proprietary Virtual Data Room feature enhancements, which streamlines the SharePoint environment for data room operations.

Customer accounts and user accounts are securely maintained within SharePoint.  Each “data room” is created as a SharePoint “site”, providing a full complement of collaboration, data management and administration capabilities.

Then we configure and customize your data rooms (shown as DR1 through DRn in the above figure).  You can then further customize your data rooms, using the many site customization features available.

By building on proven, industry leading technologies from proven vendors, coupled with idrShare’s unique virtual data room software, we are able to deliver high-performance data room capabilities you can count on.