Secure File Transfer Software

Data rooms for larger projects often consist of tens of thousands of documents and files.  It is common for such large data sets to be in the 5 GB to 10 GB (or larger) size.  These large data sets typically require hours of transmission time during initial upload by the data room administrator, taking many hours and large amounts of network bandwidth to complete.

Due to the size and number of network transactions involved, it is common to encounter some level of network errors. Errors associated with huge transfer jobs can result in erroneous, partial transfers, dropped files and missing data in some data rooms implementations.  Worse yet, a few errors can invalidate hours of data transfers, resulting in frustration, lost time during critical deals and consume enormous amounts of bandwidth.

So idrShare developed its own high-speed, resilient “bulk file transfer” software to ensure our data room administrators and users do not experience issues that commonly occur with more traditional file transfer methods.

idrShare Hi-speed Bulk File Transfers (loads of GigaBytes!)

idrShare’s bulk file transfer software provides:

  • Data compression that minimizes the amount of network bandwidth used (usually cuts transfer size by 50% or more)
  • Robust error detection and recovery that minimizes file transfer errors due to transient network errors
  • Data integrity verification that ensures files are always transferred intact and complete
  • Detailed logging of every transfer (in case unrecoverable network or file errors occur for some reason)
  • Error Recovery whenever the inevitable network errors do arise, we automatically retry and recover transfer jobs whenever possible; we also make it easy to restart entire transfer jobs or retransmit only those files that could not be transferred for some reason, saving time and avoiding the frustrations of manual recovery efforts.

Bottom line: You count on large transfer jobs to and from the data room working right the first time
(with automatic error recovery and easy restart when absolutely necessary when major network issues do arise).