Secure Document Access Control

Access Permissions & RightsidrShare’s online datarooms can be configured to provide granular access control over what certain sensitive or highly-confidential documents users see in folders or document libraries.

Document access control is managed by:

  1. User Permissions – controls the user’s level of permissions (groups of users) e.g. whether or not they can upload, modify and view documents, folders and document libraries
  2. Group Permissions– controls which groups of users have access to specific documents, folders and document libraries

User Access Permissions

idrShare rooms by default sets up each time you create a new collaborative environment. The following three user permissioned groups: visitors, members and owners.

  • Visitors – can view folders and documents but cannot upload or edit the data room contents
  • Members – can do some uploading and edtiting within a specific data room
  • Owners – can do uploading and full editing within a specific data room

Popular Document Types Supported

Document access permissions can be applied to more than 300 Document Types including Microsoft Office 2007 documents (docx, xlsx, pptx), Office 2000 (doc, xls, ppt), Open Office (odt, sxw, ods, sxc. odp, sxi, odg), Images (jpg, bmp, png, gif, tiff), Adobe PDF, AutoCAD files, DICOM formats etc.