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Microsoft SharePoint

We started with Microsoft® SharePoint

idrShare’s rooms are built on the Microsoft® SharePoint Server platform. We started with Microsoft SharePoint 2007 and now have our new version launched on SharePoint 2013. We took what is good about SharePoint and took out the clutter to provide the world’s most flexible, robust dataroom platform. SharePoint’s unparalleled flexibility enables us to quickly create your “built-to-suit” data room layout that let you show your clients your unique expertise in data presentation.

Why Microsoft SharePoint?
SharePoint is an integrated suite of server capabilities that enables you to share documents with colleagues, manage projects with partners, and publish information to customers – securely and with complete confidence. It is proven and thousands of users around the world are familiar with its functionality.

We Deliver a Complete Set of Capabilities Using SharePoint

The following summarizes key data room features we provide:

  • Site Administration Control Panel– designed to let Site Admins who do not know SharePoint to create and manage data rooms in minutes
  • Bulk Document Transfers – we added proprietary, high-performance bulk upload and download capabilities that ensure your documents are uploaded fast and reliably – even when there’s Gigabytes of data involved
  • Document and Folder Permissions – complete control over who can read, modify or contribute documents
  • User-based Access Control – provides the ability to include a folder in the dataroom that can be seen by some people but not others. For example, after the data room has been open for a while, you can create a new folder with certain documents that only qualified bidders could see.
  • New Document Alerts – when new documents are added to a large data set, you can quickly pinpoint new document arrivals and modified documents, saving precious time and eliminating tedious, painful combing through thousands of data room documents that can otherwise result Email Notifications – you can register to receive email notifications whenever documents or document library contents change, so you can easily stay on top of what’s happening on a particular deal or transaction
  • Search Experience – you can easily use the built-in search function to quickly find relevant documents, based upon document contents and/or custom meta tags
  • Audit Reports – these reports track user and even Site Administrator activity to ensure compliance and accountability
  • Check-out / Check-in – document versions can be maintained, along with an audit trail of who modified documents, and notifications whenever critical documents get updated
  • Single Sign-on – provides secure access to multiple sites, without the need to log on multiple times

SharePoint Simplifies Administration and Provides the Power and Flexibility You Need

Best of all, we implement SharePoint for you, so you never even have to know it’s there. You just bulk upload your documents, share them with selected users and collaborate to achieve your business objectives.

As the system administrator for your SharePoint custom data room, you use a simple data room “control panel” interface to control your data room sites, user groups and users and access rights. You can fully-customize each site and data room with key features for your own business needs. You also have exportable reports at your fingertips that show you site and room usage, access history of documents and folders, as well as user activity reports.

Control Panel larger Easy to navigate site administrator control panel.

 You are in Good Company with SharePoint

There are more than 100 million users of SharePoint in use at over 17,000 companies today. This means SharePoint technology is widely-deployed, heavily used and very solid technology.

SharePoint templates were customized to make data room

Simple Data Room Customization

As shown in the screen snapshot below, the  administrator has complete flexibility when it comes to creating lists, document libraries, image libraries and other collaboration elements.

Site Settings

 User Friendly, Flexibility, Adapatable and Easily Customizable

As you can see, the SharePoint environment, coupled with our unique enhancements, allows one to quickly configure custom data rooms.