idrShare’s VDR Technology

idrShare’s Virtual Data Room Uses Proven Technology Combined with Custom Add-ons to Enhance the User’s Experience

The idrShare development objective is to provide the user of a virtual data room:

  • features that primarily facilitate data viewing and loading and downloading
  • a secure stable platform that performs consistently, and
  • customization that is specifically important to each client

By combining Microsoft SharePoint’s out-of-the-box uploading tools with some custom added features like the zip upload and the bulk upload, idrShare offers a total of 5 different ways to upload data. This becomes particulary important for large data rooms since bulk transfers of hundreds, or even thousands of documents are easily accomplished.

Microsoft SharePoint a Proven World-wide Recognized Leader in Document Management Software

To provide trust and a stable application platform, idrShare’s virtual data room was built  using the Microsoft SharePoint software which is used by millions of users and almost every major corporation around the world. Rather than build a solution completely from scratch, idrShare leveraged proven reliable software solutions by integrating these components with custom developed add-ons to result into one comprehensive solution.

Another Microsoft SharePoint built-in feature is the permissioning of access to specific content within the data room. Site Administrators can restrict or grant permission access to the following:

  • dataroom
  • document library
  • folder
  • document

Since Microsoft SharePoint is a very robust and comprehensive software package, idrShare custom added a Site Administrator’s page, so that idrShare client’s do not need to learn SharePoint but rather use the custom build Control Panel that has links to most administrator required activities.

Rackspace Class 1 Data Center Provides Secure Hosting and Continuous Uptime

Hosting which encompasses continuous access to the site, bandwidth, and backup services is provided by one of the leading providers of these services worldwide, Rackspace. Additional site security is provided by using secure sites and encrypted SSL for data transfer, and only permissioned access to data after applying login credentials.

6 Different Custom Reports on User Activity

Tracking user activity within the site can be important for auditing purposes. idrShare has 6 custom designed applications that can be exported to Microsoft Excel, Adobe PDF or Microsoft Word documents for printing.