VDR Solutions for Private Equity

Manage a large group of potential investors.

Gauge the level of investor activity and interest.

Quickly facilitate the offering in progress.

Easily manage prospective investor questions and requests for further information regarding your offering, private placement or asset sale. Using the idrShare data room’s “drag and drop” capability, you can categorize and update documents for rapid response to rush investor requests for info.

Gauge the level of investor activity and interest.

The idrShare data room administrative functions give you the capability to gain insight about the level of interest in your private placement, offering or asset sale. You can collect and analyze the details regarding which documents were viewed, how many prospects viewed certain information, when certain documents were viewed and which documents were downloaded.

“In this day and age of ‘instant communication,’ the idrShare data room’s ease of use and economy of effort helps us stay in the game – and win.”

Business experience is built-into every idrShare data room.

The idrShare data room solution was built by a financial businessman for business men. We understand from experience that you, as a “deal maker,” want technology and administrative support to facilitate the transaction, not slow it down. We also understand that every client and every deal is different.

Having the flexibility to customize the transaction not only improves your chances of success, it allows your firm to differentiate itself from the field.

Do your due diligence.

We have been on your side of the table. And we deliver the kind of high-quality private equity data room solutions that we as professionals would expect to receive.

So get started doing your due diligence on us – and we’ll show you how our experience can help you get your deal done.