VDR Solutions for Oil & Gas Joint Ventures

Online Data RoomEasy to use with no big learning curve.

Hosted solution maintains company server integrity.

Cost-effective and efficient.

Easy to use with no big learning curve.

Expedite your joint venture process and gain complete control over information sharing and review with your uniquely branded, tailor-made idrShare data room:

  • get datasets and updates out  quickly and easily; use email alerts to keep users updated; track user activity
  • minimize time spent on administrative processes; concentrate on the deal
  • safely and securely access and exchange information, even with competitors

You’ll enjoy how easy it is to update your data room with additional pertinent data for evaluation.
And you will be able to customize sets of data and how they are presented to make it easy for your invited users to find data and perform their tasks quickly.

Hosted solution maintains company server integrity.

We realize that your joint venture or drilling partnership may require that you share data with competitors. We take security seriously, and adhere to the highest standards to protect the confidentiality of your information and documents.

Our hosted solution model eliminates the problem of having third parties logging into your company servers.

Cost-effective and efficient.

Our built-to-suit, customizable and secure virtual data room solutions will enable you to:

  • Get datasets and updated information out quickly to facilitate response
  • operate in a secure data room environment uniquely branded and tailor-made to your specific requirements
  • focus on your due diligence and successfully complete transactions without distraction
    and interruption
  • enjoy a workflow solution that can be entirely self-designed and managed using industry-standard software and tools
  • obtain highly experienced, knowledgeable and responsive support as needs arise

“We are impressed with the security, ease-of-use and cost efficiencies that our data room brought to bear on what can be a very difficult process.”

Business experience is built-into every idrShare data room.

The idrShare data room solution was built by a financial businessman for business men. We understand from experience that you, as a “deal maker,” want technology and administrative support to facilitate the transaction, not slow it down. We also understand that every client and every deal is different.

Having the flexibility to customize the transaction not only improves your chances of success, it allows your firm to differentiate itself from the field.

Check us out.

We have been on your side of the table. And we deliver the kind of high-quality Oil & Gas Joint Venture data room solutions that we as professionals would expect to receive.

So get started and check us out – and we’ll show you how we measure up.