VDR Solutions for Litigation

Easily organize and manage access to confidential documentation.Cost-effective, secure support tool for litigation and contract review.Expedite evidence collection and document review

idrShare allows more customization of each legal data room and its document presentation than any other vendor. This means that you can organize documents and data in a manner that makes it easy for co-counsel, clients, witnesses and other authorized parties to find pertinent documents quickly and easily.

A cost-effective and secure support tool for litigation and contract review.

Use your data room through every stage of a lawsuit for rapid and cost–effective information gathering and analysis – starting with the discovery and pre-trial phases, and continuing through trial and post-trial.

Expedite evidence collection and document review.

Using the bulk file upload and zip upload features, you can share – in one secure site – thousands of documents for review by clients, witnesses, and co-counsel in a case.

“Using the idrShare data room to organize and distribute massive amounts of documentation has greatly improved our case management.”

The utmost in security for a case management process that gets results.

With idrShare’s fully customizable, secure and strict access controls, even adversarial parties can share one data room to cut costs. Strict permissions and control of activity logs prevents opposing legal teams from seeing the other side’s user activity.

You can custom design your own legal data room templates. Should you then create a new data room, you can select (from your personal library of templates) the appropriate template and be ready for online document sharing and collaboration in less than a minute.

And idrShare works well with other e-discovery software by providing a cost effective, easy-to-use-and-setup site for sharing specific files and documents with designated parties.