CEO Solutions

Online data rooms for private equity, oil and gas divistitures, banksExperienced.Passionate service. Flexible pricing.Secure, reliable and feature rich.


idrShare is a privately owned US corporation that has successfully completed over 400 hundred virtual data room projects in the last 6 years. idrShare hosts and supports customized solutions for a variety of high-quality clients, such as oil & gas investment banks, energy A&D firms, private equity firms and commercial banks.

Passionate service. Flexible pricing.

The key to our service offering is passionate ongoing support, whether you need immediate technical help or new deal room design changes – plus flexible pricing tailored to your particular environment and situation.

Secure, reliable and feature rich.

Our built-to-suit, customizable and online data room solutions, will enable your company to:

  • operate in a secure  environment uniquely branded and tailor-made to your specific requirements
  • focus on and successfully complete business transactions and objectives without distraction and interruption
  • enjoy a workflow solution that can be entirely self-designed and managed using industry-standard software and tools
  • obtain highly experienced, knowledgeable and responsive support as needs arise

“We looked at a number of data room vendors before choosing idrShare. We chose them because their CEO has been in our shoes as a data room deal maker and financial advisor.”

idrShare lets you stay focused on the deal – not the data room.

The idrShare VDR solution was built by a financial businessman for business men.

Mickey Henry, idrShare founder, began working on financial transactions as an officer in the largest commercial bank in Houston more than 30 years ago. He has been involved in billions of dollars worth of financial transactions as a licensed securities broker, investment banker, and a commercial real estate broker.

He understands from experience what the “deal makers” and the transaction advisors want – and he is passionate about providing the necessary support to keep projects moving without unnecessary interruptions.