VDR Solutions for Custom Sites


Data Rooms. Your Way.

idrShare Virtual Data Rooms are custom tailored to each client’s specific needs – unique branding, site layout, color theme and more.  And best of all, no programming is required – you customize your site in your preferred manner.

More than just a data room, idrShare Virtual Data Rooms provide numerous powerful features for your users’ secure workflow and collaboration.

Customizable and secure idrShare virtual data rooms enable you to:

  • operate in a secure data room environment uniquely branded and tailor-made to your specific requirements
  • focus on and successfully complete business transactions and objectives without distraction and interruption
  • enjoy a workflow solution that can be entirely self-designed and managed using industry-standard software and tools
  • obtain highly experienced, knowledgeable and responsive support as needs arise

idrShare data rooms are ideal for use by your Board of Directors or any other users that have the need to easily access and share confidential information in a secure environment.

Some example custom site uses are:

  • project financing, or any data sharing
  • corporations that have district offices located around the globe can use custom sites for collaboration to reduce or eliminate lost emails and inefficiencies
  • central, secure location for shared project data
  • login access 24/7 (easier than using a corporate remote login
  • eliminates IT burdened for setup and support

Contact us today to discuss how we can custom design a data room to meet your requirements.