Online Data Room Key Features

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Upload and Share Documents

  • Drag and drop or bulk upload files, folders, and folder trees easily
  • Control permissions and access rights
  • Invite data room users (as many as you want), from inside and outside your firm

Publish and Track Document Access

  • Drag and drop or bulk download files, folders and folder trees
  • Restrict document access with digital rights management on document viewing, printing, and download
  • Apply tamper-proof watermarks to track access to sensitive documents
  • Receive alter notifications whenever critical documents or folders are updated

Track and audit document access

  • All document and user activities are logged for audit and compliance
  • Usage reports by document, folder and document library
  • Usage reports by user

Feature Details

  • Portal Site Templates – customize customers’ data room site without custom coding
  • Site Definition –  customized each data room site with ease
  • Privacy Controls – maintain privacy control of documents and folders
  • Control Panel Page– we custom developed within SharePoint one simple to use but very important page that contains pointers to all of the key administrative tasks so that the Site Administrator does not have to learn SharePoint
  • Bulk Document Transfers – we added proprietary, high-performance bulk upload and download capabilities that ensure your documents are uploaded fast and reliably – even when there are Gigabytes of data involved
  • Drag and Drop – easily drag and drop files, folders and folder trees using Windows Explorer drag and drop
  • Document and Folder Permissions – complete control over who can read, modify or contribute documents
  • User-based Access Control – provides the ability to include a folder in the dataroom that can be seen by some people but not others. For example, after the data room has been open for a while, you can create a new folder with certain documents that only qualified bidders could see.
  • Granular Access Controls – we added even more granular access control, so you can restrict who can download, view and print documents
  • New Document Alerts– when new documents are added to a large data set, you can quickly pinpoint new

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    document arrivals and modified documents, saving precious time and eliminating tedious, painful combing through thousands of data room documents

  • Email Notifications – you can register to receive email notifications whenever documents or document library contents change, so you can easily stay on top of what’s happening on a particular deal or transaction
  • Watermarking – we added watermarking capabilities, so you can add “Confidential Information”, logos or other notices to certain sensitive documents to track the origin of printed copies
  • Watermarked PDF Downloads – we added the ability to convert popular documents types to Adobe PDF files for download, allowing you to watermark and protect read-only copies of sensitive documents
  • Search – you can easily use the built-in search function to quickly find relevant documents, based upon document contents and/or custom meta tags
  • Check-out / Check-in – document versions can be maintained, along with an audit trail of who modified documents, and notifications whenever critical documents get updated
  • Single Sign-on – provides secure access to multiple sites, without the need to log on multiple times

SharePoint simplifies administration and provides the power and flexibility you need