Virtual Data Room FAQ

Site Administration and Setup

  1. How much time is required to setup a new site?
    Less than 1 hour for a generic site.  1 day if basic customization required.  idrShare has a dedicated development team ready to further customize your site as requested (e.g. a custom webpage front-end), and the build-time for that custom work would need to be estimated at that time.
  2. Is training required to manage the site?
    A. No training required, since the Microsoft SharePoint template is used and interaction with the site is quite easy and menu drive. Over a million users worldwide use SharePoint.
    B. Also step-by-step training sheets for each user activity are included in an HOW TO library loaded by idrShare into your site.
    C. Personal training and specific help is available 24/7 by telephone and email.
  3. As the Site Administrator, how do I manage our custom site?
    An idrShare designed control panel page with menu options allow the Site Administrator to quickly and easily conduct site setup activities. The Site Administrator has the power to completely startup new datarooms, manage users, and upload data without the need for help or approvals from idrShare.
  4. With whom will we be working?
    The owner of the company, Mickey, an assigned project manager, Mary, and idrshare’s  SharePoint/idrShare site developers Sean and Dante.
  5. Where is my data located?
    Unlike the low cost dataroom providers, idrShare client’s data is located on a dedicated server in a Rackspace Tier II SAS 70 datacenter located in the United State. No worry about the “cloud” and the inherent security risks.
  6. Is site data backed up?
    Yes. Files are backed up weekly in full and daily for differentials.
  7. Does idrShare scan paper documents?

Dataroom customization

  1. Can I custom design each dataroom’s presentation layout?
    idrShare allows more customization of each dataroom and the data presentation than any other vendor.
    A. The Site Administrator has the option to a) make it very easy for users to find important data, and 2) to differentiate their dataroom from all others
    B. Even the Quick Launch bar or navigation bar is completely customized by the Site Administrator
    C. Once a base layout template is designed, it can be saved and used again in its original form or modified.
    D. You can save unlimited dataroom templates for each transaction type
  2. Can I custom add metadata fields for the document library?
    Yes. You have the unlimited flexibility to create, name and order metadata fields.
  3. Can I show the data in the familiar and standard tree directory layout?

Document Management

  1. What file types can you upload?
    Any type file format can be uploaded including videos. 
  2. How do I bulk upload documents?
    Site Administrators have 4 options:
    i. zip upload a folder and all of its contents
    ii. “drag and drop” folders and contents using the Windows Explorer view
    iii. use the SharePoint multiple document upload
    iv. bulk upload the entire dataroom


3. Can you block the print and save function on a document or folder?
Call to discuss options.

4. Can users search documents and folders?
Yes. The site uses the robust and powerful Microsoft SharePoint Search function. The Search query interface resembles Web search sites such as Google or Live Search.

5. How do I download multiple files or folders?
Users have 4 options:
 i. download a pre-zipped folder

ii. “drag and drop” from the Windows Explorer view

iii. bulk download – select and transfer multiple folders and folder trees. 

iv. bulk download – using a windows version tool

User Management

  1. Can you bulk upload a list of new users?
    Yes. You can bulk upload new users that are listed on a Microsoft spreadsheet with their username; password; and other pertinent information. You can also add them to a specific data room during the initial bulk upload making this a 1-step process.
  2. Can I create user passwords?
    Yes. You can make the password simple or complex. Or you can let the software send a computer generated password.
  3. Can users see that new documents have been added?
    Yes. Your site can be custom setup so that new documents are marked “NEW!for a customer defined time period. You can also setup email alerts. You can also setup and Updates folder or document library to hold new data sets. You can also display in the data room a filter that shows which files have been added in the last 3 days ( or whatever time period you choose.)
  4. Can users simultaneously access a site?
  5. Can the same username and password be shared by more than one party?




  1. Can automatic e-mail Alerts to users be setup?
    Yes. Alerts can by custom configured by the Site Administrator.
  2. Do you offer a Q&A capability?
    This is a customized option that you can design. In fact, you have the option to quickly design unlimited custom lists, links, and document libraries within each dataroom. This is what is unique about idrShare.


Activity Reports

    1. What User Activity Reports are available?
      i  Logins (time and date) to site by user
      ii. Logins (time and date) to datarooms by user
      iii. Document viewing/downloading activity by user and by dataroom
      iv. Bulk Downloads by user
  1. Can the report results be exported?
    Yes. You can export the results to an Excel spreadsheet or PDF for saving and printing




  1. What about security?
    Best practices are deployed including: SSL Certified Sites; 128-Bit Encryption; Managed Firewalls, Anti-virus software; Multiple Tiered Access Levels and the data is stored on servers at , a Tier II SAS 70 certified datacenter.  More details can be provided.