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“Right from the start, idrShare understood our needs and then some. They speak our language.”

Expedite your sell-side or buy-side transactions.

Gain complete control over the M&A information sharing and due diligence process with your uniquely branded, tailor-made idrShare data room:

get datasets and updates out to potential bidders quickly; use email alerts to keep users updated; track user activity

minimize time spent on administrative processes; concentrate on the deal

differentiate your offering and services so that clients perceive your brand as unique

Build respect and confidence in your firm’s capabilities.

Offering an enhanced, integrated data room environment to your clients builds respect and confidence in your firm’s ability to get the transaction completed successfully.

You can have your individually branded and fully customized site operational in 24 to 48 hours, a process that could take months for your firm to concept and build – not to mention the large capital investment that would necessitate.

Business experience is built-into every idrShare data room.

The idrShare data room solution was built by a financial businessman for business men. Our CEO started working on financial transactions as an officer in the largest commercial bank in Houston more than 30 years ago, and has been involved in the project management of billions of dollars of financial transactions as a licensed securities broker, investment banker, and a commercial real estate broker.

We understand from experience that the “deal makers” and the transaction advisors want technology and administrative support to facilitate the transaction, not slow it down. We also understand that every client and every deal is different.

Having the flexibility to customize the transaction not only improves your chances of success, it allows your firm to differentiate its service offering.

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