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“We have several, distinct idrShare data rooms helping us provide various services to our diverse clientele. The flexibility is built-in and we regularly make changes on the fly.”

Manage large groups of diverse clients and financial transactions.

Easily manage questions and requests for further information regarding your real estate venture, corporate lending, commodity risk management, or loan portfolio sale transaction. Using the idrShare data room’s “drag and drop” capability, you can categorize and update documents for rapid response to your clients’ requests for information.

Securely facilitate third-party due diligence.

The idrShare data room administrative functions allow you to calibrate and analyze secure communications and information retrieval regarding your clients’ due diligence process. You place your users into groups and assign them specific permissions and access rights to documentation. Also, each time a user accesses a document or file, a security event is logged, creating an audit trail. idrShare puts you in control of the due diligence process and provides you total visibility regarding third party and client document handling.

Easily tailor information handling requirements.

Whether you are a community bank handling a small business liquidation, or a global bank transacting a loan portfolio sale, idrShare’s customized data room environment can be tailored to the way you do business. With bulk file transfer and download tools, updated document alerts, and drag-and-drop document, file and indexing capabilities, you can design the way you want to do things – and without programming.

Business experience is built-into every idrShare data room.

The idrShare data room solution was built by a financial businessman for business men. We understand from experience that you, as a “deal maker,” want technology and administrative support to facilitate the transaction, not slow it down. We also understand that every client and every deal is different.

Having the flexibility to customize the transaction not only improves your chances of success, it allows your firm to differentiate itself from the field.

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