How to Increase Productivity with User Friendly Online Data Rooms

Hosted virtual data room providers want their clients to get answers about site content quickly and easily. With SharePoint virtual data room sites, sites can be built containing training and “How To” documentation. SharePoint has a powerful OOTB (out of the box) search feature which enables users type in keywords, making finding the answer to an operational question fast and easy.

Find Content Easily

SharePoint Content Administrators are tired of hearing “I can never find anything on SharePoint!” The search functionality can be configured to query suggestions similarly the way to our everyday Search engines do so. It is important for users to be able to find content easily as it has an impact on SharePoint adoption.

SP Search graphic

Increase Productivity

Integrating “How To” or training content sources to SharePoint Search is critical in order to increase a virtual data room site administrators’ productivity. As an example, if one wants to remember which special characters are to be avoided in folder and document names prior to uploading content into a document library, one simply has to follow these steps:

1. Click on the training or “How to” subsite
2. Type in the Search box, the key words, e.g. special characters
3. Click on document in Search results

Image below shows the results of the Search after searching for “special characters”.

SP search graphic

SharePoint’s robust search tool integrated within a well-designed virtual data room template can be configured to connect to content that is classified and is easily and quickly available to users regardless of where the content resides.

IdrShare virtual data room sites built with search functionality can be customized to support and satisfy every organization’s unique needs. Refining SharePoint Search is not limited to: author, date, description, metadata. Once your site has been custom configured the Search to fulfill your business’s needs, you can search and enjoy the benefits of getting answers quickly!

About the Author

This article was co-authored by Liliana Bocanegra and Mickey Henry. Liliana has been working with SharePoint for over 11 years as a SharePoint Administrator and Web Developer and has extensive experience with SharePoint used by large companies including those in the energy sector. She is on the idrShare support team. Mickey Henry is the owner of or idrShare, LLC and supports investment banks, advisory firms and corporations by building and hosting customer designed virtual data rooms. Mr. Henry has over 15 years’ experience in providing data rooms and provides passionate support to his clients.

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