Who is idrShare?

idrShare is a developer of custom built-to-suit virtual data room solutions for banks, financial advisors and corporations, who need to access and share confidential documents and data with confidence to cooperate successfully on business deals.

idrShare hosts and supports customized electronic data rooms for a variety of high-quality clients, including oil & gas investment banks, energy A&D firms, private equity firms and commercial banks.

Message from the Owner

I am Mickey Henry, President and Founder of idrShare.com. I spent 10 years in investment banking and I understand the need to share confidential data in a professional and timely manner.

12 years Virtual Data Room Experience

Mickey Henry, President

I originally launched this company for several reasons:

  • To provide the most customization of any internet data room solution provider
  • To help my clients discover how this incredibly feature rich and efficiency tool allows better collaboration
  • To provide responsive, extremely professional service to my commercial clients

Our  mission is to provide and passionately support client-customized, secure virtual data rooms that facilitate successful business transactions – delivered within each client’s unique timeframe requirements, along with flexible pricing tailored to each client’s particular situation.

Why should you work with us?
  • 10 years of virtual data room hosting and support experience across hundreds of successful projects
  • Clients are mostly major investment and commercial banks, A&D firms, corporations
  • Ongoing custom-tailored Microsoft SharePoint development
  • Passionate data room support team

I invite you to join our list of high quality commercial clients.

Mickey Henry