About idrShare

About idrShare

Who is idrShare?

idrShare is a developer of custom built-to-suit virtual data room solutions for banks, financial advisors and corporations.


Twelve (12) years of specializing in virtual data room services, makes us one of the most experienced virtual data room solution providers in the market today.

Passionate Support

As your technology partner, we treat your project like it is our project.

Our clients include oil and gas divestment companies, commercial banks, investment banks, private equity advisors and major public companies.

Video Message from the President of idrShare 

About the Author: Mickey Henry

My name is Mickey Henry and I am the owner of idrShare, LLC and support investment banks, advisory firms and corporations by building and hosting customer designed virtual data rooms. I have over 12 years experience providing virtual data solutions for the CEO, the administrator, the IT Manager, for litigation, private equity, mergers and acquisitions and more – providing passionate support to all my clients.

Mickey Henry
idrShare, LLC.
2425 Fountainview, Suite 250
Houston, Texas 77057