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Online data roomsWhy Idr Share Virtual data room provider?

Virtual Data Room Provider

idrShare is a leader in virtual data room services, offering solutions for banks, financial advisors and corporations. With over 15 years of experience, idrShare’s principals can help you quickly deploy your own fully branded custom built data room. idrShare virtual data rooms are created using security best practices. If uploading and downloading large document libraries or data rooms quickly and easily is important, then you will want to use the custom idrShare bulk transfer solution that works like a FTP transfer but is safer.

Your custom idrShare virtual data room is also user friendly with no programming experience required of the site administrator. Site administrators can create a data room in less than a minute, using idrShare’s underlying software platform, Microsoft SharePoint. Drop-down menus make editing easy. Once the site is built, you simple bulk upload users, and bulk upload content in any type of file format to allow for easy managing, sharing and searching of data. User activity reports, detailed or summarized, can be exported to Excel.

idrShare clients have included:

    • Major commercial banks
    • International investment banks
    • Energy focused investment banks
    • E&P companies
    • Private equity companies
    • National oil companies
    • Venture capital firms

Our customers are provided with step-by-step training sheets, full-time 24/7 support, personal training upon request and consulting regarding data room best practices.

idrShare virtual data rooms are an ideal solution for the bank and financial companies who want to keep their sensitive data secure, while also improving their workflow and collaboration. Contact us today to request a free quote, demo or trial.